Why You Should Use Animation As A Marketing Tool?

There is the widespread idea that animation is only for children, something childish. It's a totally erroneous data. Animation is just another medium to show a story, idea or brand. More and more companies use this medium to show their products to the world.

But... why?

Animation it's a visual medium

The first and most important reason for using animation is that it’s a very rich visual medium that appeals to the senses and offers and effective and easy way to communicate important messages.


90% of all the information transmitted to our brain every single day is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Source.

Psychological impact


Online marketers call it 'nostalgic branding'. Almost all of us were raised watching cartoon shows on TV. Cartoons captivates children because they are engaging, funny and colourful. Animation bring us back to the 'good times' because it brings our childhood memories back to us, a time when we were much more receptive to incoming information.

An animated video or advertising suggests to its audience that they are going to see something fun and simple, like the cartoon shows they watched when they were kids.


As Nicola Davies says in this post: “If you want people to emotionally connect with your content, animated video is an investment worth making.”

Unlimited potential


You can bring any concept to life, from simple ideas to abstract concepts. Animation allows you to explain the most complex concepts and ideas in a matter of seconds. The only limit is the imagination.

Humanizes your brand

We are sure now you are thinking... Humanizing my brand? what they are talking about?  No, we have not gone crazy ... think about it! Your audience has to feel identified with your brand. This connection can not be achieved showing a logo and text. 

It's not just using an animated character and that's all, It's not so simple. The animated character needs to be similar as your audience, facing the same problems and feeling in the same way as them. You are inviting your audience to put themselves in your character's shoes. If your audience feels identified with the animated character they  will be more receptive to what are you're trying to say. Empathy has been created!

You need to be true to yourself and honest about what you're offering to them, the message needs to be clear. You are creating brand trust.

Now that you know how animated videos and advertisings can help your brand and achieve your marketing goals you can try with your own idea. Let's animate!