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How to explain Alzheimer's disease to a child?

Since early 2017 my children's book 'Grandpa, do you remember?' is available through Amazon. Is an illustrated children's book where I explain in a clear and simple way Alzheimer's disease and what a child can do to help a loved one who suffers from this disease.

The book is based on actual facts, my grandfather had Alzheimer's. For me it was a shock, since I live in another country and I travel back once a year I can not see my loved ones as much as I wish. It was at this moment that I put myself on the skin of a child and I imagined how I could explain the disease in an easy but understandable way.

Grandpa, do you remember? is available in paperback and Kindle format also available in 5 languages: english, català, español, bokmål and deutsch..

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